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sorry for the music, I was listening to music while recording


youtube's currently in the process of removing it





As you can see, Sumper Jump is not working properly in the public session.


As of this upload, power modifying mods don't work in public session, or when not hosting the session. This applies to power strength, duration and maybe range (I haven't tested for range).

Another example that's not shown in the video:
Using "Fleeting Expertise" (+Power Efficiency, -Power Duration) with Hydroid's "Tentacle Swarm," while it does become more efficient with power cost, the duration is unaffected.
With Fleeting Expertise, there should be a 2-ish second cooldown for Tentacle Swarm.

If you're not the host, you have to wait 6-ish seconds, as if you didn't equip the power modifying mods.



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