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Melee Finisher Activation


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How about a change to how Finishers are activated?

Like reload+Melee attack

Allowing a player to determine if they want to single-target with Finisher, shoot weapons, or Use melee combos. (Not very sensical to perform a finisher on one enemy while being shot up by the mob of enemies, obviously not in awe or enjoying the finisher animation being performed on their brethren.)

Also allow reload+Melee to perform Ground finisher outside of finisher prompt....aiming with melee for ground finisher is unintuitive, currently. A manual ground finisher animation would make it easier to activate reliably and perhaps allow players to use between combos more frequently.

For Ash's Teleport or Valkyr's Paralysis it would allow a player to chose to single target finisher or use a more practical melee combo, as the situation depicts.


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Might be OP if you have a max fury and that one corrupted mod but I'd love this.


I get tired of maining Valkyr just so I can use the finishers whenever I want on heavies.

You mean 'Berserker' ???

Right now a high attack speed combo/slide attack can land AoE before the Finisher animation kicks in or if you attack a MoA or an Ancient after Paralysis you don't get finisher animation so just 400% melee multiplier.

If the ground finishers were more reliable I would contemplate using Finishing Touch and spam 'Roaring Drums' ground pound finisher.... Might even slot Reach back in.

(Thrown Glaives/Kestrels just get a 400% buff on Paralysis enemies....)

Paralysis being different than the earlier 'abused' Radial Blind/Invisibility/Smoke Screen in that it has always had a rather short range, very short stun/stagger, and affected by Line Of Sight(not affecting enemies behind cover) So not quite as OP as the old non-alerted Radial Blind/Invisibility/Smoke Screen but a welcomed change in my opinion.

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