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Kronen Worth Keeping ?



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melee weapon doesn't require may formas to install all the mods, becasue melee mods costs are quite cheap, just potato em and u'll see


about worth or not, if u ahve fun playing witht hem, they are worth keeping, if u don't like em... well you have a brain, i'm pretty sure u can find the asnwer to this ..



the only thing that is bad about this weapon, in my opinion, is the slide animation, it's really slow and the range is weird... i just don't like to slide with kronen , but the weapon itsself is fantastic and i really like to flurry enemies with em

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So I just ranked up my Kronen to 30 and I did have alot of fun with them. My question is if they are potato and forma worthy? Anyone invested time into these bad boys ? How many forma to make them great ?


Ps:I do have gemini cross 


worth both and even more, this is one great weapon beside our standard-prime-slicers (orthos, bo etc.) and the dragon nikana


the new whip is also great ... ))

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I don´t think Kronen is worth potatoing...


Of course it slices and dices, but I think that Kronen won´t be THE ONLY Tonfas in game.

Sure it may take a while but I rather wait than regret it...


But anyway, if you sell it, you can build it again, duh!!!

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