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Warframes & The 12 Zodiacs


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Just out of curiosity, I wonder which warframe would seem the most fitting for each of the 12 Zodiac signs...


So far that I know:




Aries: Ember


(At least based on someone I respect) Ember would be a great match for Aries, since they're eager for some action & they don't back down (or at least almost) from anything.


Not only that, they also have a short temper, all which fit Ember being designed for pure offensive





Aquarius (<-Mine) = Zephyr or Vauban


I haven't thought much atm, except that I know that one thing that Aquarians values the most are Freedom. Such as Zephyr being able to move anywhere


As for Vauban, it's mainly because they love innovations and anything technological, & since Vauban's the closest to a Engineer...

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