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An Anti-Stalker / Guardian Angel For The Tenno - Working Title "the Founder"


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Do suggestions count as Fan Concepts? If this is the wrong board, please redirect this thread into the General Discussion.


TL;DR version see bottom.


Oh boy, being a Tenno sure means preparing for the worst to happen anytime doesn't it?


An ancient assassin with a personal grudge, a trio of powerfull and insane grineer hunters and a mechanic attack dog filled with harvested Tenno parts.


So far we have three types of enemies who stalk the players and decide to appear at the worst moment to kill, punish or capture them. Also i'm pretty sure we will soon have a fourth infested one hunting us down.

So be prepared for having a Super-Ancient run after us through levels, most likely combining the effects of all three Ancients powers. - Have fun.


What do i suggest?


However wouldn't it be nice knowing there is someone at the opposite end of the scale. Someone who watches over us or at least sometimes feel the need to assist us in combat by appearing randomly and being overpowered?


So here is what i suggest. A powerfull mysterious stranger type of NPC who can appear in certain missions under certain circumstances and follow us around until either the mission is over or he is "killed" at which point he will dissapear like he came.


But what should he look like?


In a recent thread about weapons in the vault i was thinking about how sad it is that Excalibur Prime, Lato Prime and Skana Prime will most likely never be seen by many players. They have been removed from the Codex for anyone who doesn't have them and both weapons are really not worth using at all.

Likewise the number of old founders is limited and shrinking, so chances are most people who joined in over the last year have never seen either of these three prime items ingame.


Of course DE promised that they would never come back and i believe them. But what this promise does not include is NPCs wielding them.

So that's what the anti-stalker would look like. An Excalibur Prime, wielding Skana, Lato and Latron Prime (mirroring the statue from the merch store).


It might also be a good chance to finaly add a serious Skana and Lato Prime model because i suspect those were created before the idea settled in that prime weapons should be visualy based on their regular counterparts rather than just being random fancy models given the name of these weapons.


When should he appear?


I think the situation where players would benefit the most of such a character would be in defence, interception and survival/excavation. Any mission in which we fight for a longer time and don't just rush through them. Having such an NPC appear then would have the most benefit.


What triggers him?

Currently i think it would fit that he is attracted for the same reason that the Stalker is. By killing high profile targets.


How should he be named?


Since i suggest giving him the Founder Pack equipment plus Latron Prime. I think calling him The Founder would be a fitting name.

Founder of what? Perhaps he is the very first Tenno? Or maybe he is the founder of the current principles of the Tenno? Or maybe just the last of a long last clan, mourning his fallen comrades by walking the stars alone now.


I think the name would be mysterious enough for such a character.


TL;DR version:

1. Stalker like character who comes to the players aid.

2. Uses Founder Pack Warframe and Weapons so players can finaly actualy see them ingame.

3. Can randomly appear in Survival, Defence or Interception.

4. Is attracted via killing bosses.

5. Called The Founder, both in honor to the first Founder Pack buyers and fitting his Warframe.

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The Founder's codex entry:

I was there, at the Rupture. The moment you turned on your Masters, you matured. I was proud of you. You finally saw the greed of the Orokin. They may have created you, but they underestimated your capabilities. I was the first. When I awakened, I found myself drifting aboard a ship of our Masters, a Derelict. I was alone. When I learnt that the Technocytes still lived, I knew what I had to do. I knew that whoever was still out there, the descendants of the Orokin perhaps, couldnot manage the Infestation's sheer numbers. I know what you are made of. You cannot remember, the long sleep has erased your memory. Maybe it is best you donot. The tidal wave of emotions and knowledge would turn you insane. I have learnt to live with it. Control is important. But enough about me. You are more important. I cannot uphold the balance on my own. I need you. Long have I watched you, my decendants. Long have I observed you as you developed. As you awakened from your frozen sleep. As you raged and plundered the enemy's ships and bases, struggling to obey the Lotus' will. Keeping up the Tenno's strenght is my goal. When you are outnumbered and outgunned, when you are dying, I come to your aid. I will stick with you as long as I am required, because there are many more who need my help. But I do more. I mediate between your enemies. I visit them, and plead for the Tenno cause, but they donot understand. Their minds are filled with hatred and greed. The thoughts of power flood their minds. But another Rupture wouldnt solve anything. It would just start us all over again. 

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