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Toggle Able Abilities


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SO I was thinking, "Why not give every frame a toggle able ability?" Think about it, it would actually help a lot of the frames to reach higher tiers, and would open up more variety to the modding system


Loki/Ash Could have the toggle effect on their invisibility, allowing us to decide how much energy to use for a time


Ember could have one on her World on Fire ultimate, this would make it much more powerful because we could keep it sustained for a lot longer


Frost could have a charge effect to his snowglobe, longer you hold the button the more energy it consumes, which would give it higher health


Hydriods tentacle thingy You would need the keep the portals open, so just toggle the power supply to it


Mag I really don't know what to add to her


Excalibur could charge his jump (Maybe)


Nekros Maybe a toggle effect could keep the shadows of the dead going longer?


Nova Charge her first too abilities so she can be more than just an anti matter dropper


Oberon Charge his renewal for more health given


Rhino Charge iron skin or toggle iron skin for more given hp


Saryn Charge contagion for more damage


Trinity Toggle or charge for more hp


Valkyr Devs already thinking on toggle effect


Vauban Toggle and charge his abilities so we can keep vortex and bastille going for longer and the arc mines are more powerful


Volt Toggle speed


Zephyr Toggle turbulence and tornado for obvious effects



So I hope you guys like these ideas and the devs take a few, but it's just a thought


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Who cares? Its a Beta anyways.

I fully support this idea. +1

Saying that is like having a move kill everything on the map and not changing it till release because "Its a Beta anyways".


I don't know much about toggle able abilities(except some frames have some already) but I would rather have a charged version of some abilities that enhance it altogether but makes it take time and more energy. But right now most abilities are fine the way they are now, if I recall Loki can stay invisible for around 30 seconds which is plenty of time in a video game; making it have a toggle would weaken or strengthen it even further.

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