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Mirage Clones Are Worthless?


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Hi everybody, is a short time after some updates that i noticed mirage not dealing the 5x damage anymore.


Time ago, when a weapon dealing 500damage was used on a single enemy, with mirage 1st ability this damage was multiplied x5, and that was the reason to choose mirage.


BUT recently, with same weapon on a single enemy, if i deal 500 damage, with 1st ability activated i now deal 100, as the copies...


Is this only a recent issue or a nerf???


This is not what i expect using mirage. 

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Its not a nerf it is a fix the old damage multiplier was a bug and was broken as all hell. 



The clones still give a total of double damage so they are still worth it. 

if u say so, maybe is only a bug of mine to see the damage of any wep is split by 5 with all of mirrors, making this ability only a way to decrease precision :/ that's what im askin to check, since i aknowledge the broken old multiplier fix but now seems another fix approached


go check the wiki...

yeah, i didn't checked it before comin here spammin with others -__-


OMG 5x damage is WORTH to use a frame :D Sure, everything else is garbage :D


Forums can give birth to such insane topics :D


5x Damage OMG!... facepalm


at least is worth to use it if is not splittin damage bewteen the hall of mirrors copies :/

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