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Suggestion: Layout For Mods In Upgrade


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There is enough space on the screen to have THREE layers of mods instead of two. That would make things much easier to look through.


There is enough space to put the sorting buttons all on the same line. There is no need for a pull-down menu.


Given that we now have a large number of mods, it would be helpful to be able to filter for specific things, such as heat damage, slashing damage, health, energy, power range, etc.


If you deleted the stupid warframe on the left, moved the screen over to the left, you would have enough space on the right hand side for a vertical bar containing all the various effects. Have an ALL and NONE button to display all mods or to delete selection, or click in the box of the effect you are looking for.


If you click on Health you will see all your mods that manipulate health in some way - be it as a corrupted mod, or as a single effect.


Have an AND button and an OR button (OR should be default) for filtering several effects (but not really necessary, I guess. There are not enough combinations at the moment to make it worth the effort - at the moment)

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