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Not Fallen But Stand Still Bug


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It comes to me these days


I have used the mods rage+quick thinking for a couple of time. Now I still use it.


Those time I used to fight in Kappa to rank up my weapon, when I was reviving my teammates, I had no protection, my shield drained to zero and my energy was supposed to be drain since the quick thinking mod I installed. A powerfist came to me and gave a heavy smash to my Ember. (Its really a powerfist everytime.)


In the previous version, (right after the bug fix of rage+quick thinking mod set and even eariler) when a big hit comes to me, I fall instantly and the energy won't drain to zero. (I'm afraid that someone don't understand what the problem is.)


Those time my energy also didn't drained to zero, aroud 200 left but I didn't fall, I became a branch of wood instead, stand there and do nothing.Also, no one could revive me, as well as myself. I could't press esc to abort mission so I could only close the game by pressing alt+f4.


I hope it can be fix.


(Sorry for bad english.)


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