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Gate Crash 50 Points +, What Is Your Loadout? And Tips.




How do you guys go about the event?

What do you use and how do you play?



At 62 points now and this is what i generally do, and my loadout.


No forma Saryn. (If you have more energy/forma try maxing shield reg and undying will, possibly steel fiber/ resistance mods)

Aura: Rejuvination.

Maxed mods: Redirection, Vitaliity, Vigor, Fast Deflection, Reflection, Equilbrium.


9/10 Reflex Guard: This will save your life, blocking damage is very good, and key to not going down to fast.

*I have Reflection on to possibly return enemy fire back at them. As you do next to nothing yourself every hit counts.

*I don't know if weapons with slow speed blocks less often, but keep it in mind (using zorens).


Rank 1 (14%) Undying will - This will let others revive you, sometimes you go down at the same time as another guy, he/she might spend a revive and then have time to save you,


Unranked Molt - this is to spend energy in order to pick up orbs and gain life via equilbrium.


I'm also using Nukor with Radiation/Viral proc build.

Get that status up as high as you can. Damage isn't really important so go ahead and toss all those status mods on, and if you need it, go for ammo economy mods as well.


Currently I also use boltor P modded for corrosive and blast. This is to do some minimal damage, lower armor and possibly knockdown.



I usually just rush to the 2 power station thingys. Then I use the Nukor to make the enemies fight eachother while trying not to get killed myself. After that I try to find the bosses - always mark one of them to keep track of them - wack away at one of them with melee in order to stagger them and lock them down for your teammates to kill. If others are doing that I try to deal damage in any way I can (boltor p) or use nukor for CC on the nearby Grineer. 

Having Shade is a plus, haven't tried with the doge as I'm not a fan of them, but it may work as well. Will help during revives if nothing else.


Ps: As always, don't always run blindly in to res someone. You'll likely end up dead alot of the time, try to save them though.



If you're going after caches it can be good to say so. If you find a cache, do mind marking it and tell your friends about it so they wont' run there too.

Gather up at "check points", or rather - don't rush in blindly :P Especially reviving.

Ask about player score, someone actually dealing damage is a very good thing XD (aka: praise the n00bs!)


Edit again :)

Using hydroids puddle infront of the portal to suck up enemies can be a good way to get them temporarily out of your way while powering up the portal.

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Man, I don't have any useful input on this because I called it quits after getting the *ahem* free weapon slot *ahem*, but kudos on getting this far. Good luck.


Hehe, well many of my clanmates and friends share that view. It is perhaps not the most fun event, but I'd like to go on anyway.

Well people are going into the 400-500 point mark in the leader boards. Soo I think they need to respond to this topic.

They might be busy doing the event though :P But yeah I'd like to know.

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got a tip to use radiation on high proc guns. as damage doesn't matter radiation (and viral if you have it) may turn enemies agains each other and let them kill others off.

Call it a "cc-gun" if you wish. While others are more free to damage the bosses.

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