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Take A Look At The Offline Friendlist...........(Inbox 2.0 Request)


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I was just looking in the friendlist which pretty much has lots of lost friends in the offline.........

suddenly I saw a familiar name offline like 2-3 days ago which pretty much mean he came back once in awhile.

I want a way to communicate with him like leave him a friendly message or just say hi from an old friend u knoww. :(

sadly there is no way to do that in warframe. So I suggest DE added the fucntion for us to leave message in the void same way stalker or lotus did!!!! wouldnt it be great to talk to an old buddies who fight along side you since mercury? mannnn T^T


oh and also please give a terminal for the inbox and such??? I hate it when i have to click through esc. It doesnt feel immersive for me when u got a super computer right next to u but can only be used to looking at codex??

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Also they really need to make the inactivity count update in real time. My clan list shows a couple members inactive for a couple days, when one person was on just an hour ago. As a result, I've had to kick members 20 days+ inactive, when I don't know for sure if they've been on or not. 

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