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Elara Looting Problem


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You cant loot anything. nor qith carrier , is not a lag problem,  is a bug, after reaching certain room you are unable to loot everithing,

the title says, looting bug, wich is   a bug when you cant loot anything

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I only see this happen on that particular map. It usually happens within a minute or two of starting and can affect some or all of the squad. With a vacuum carrier, this is devestating, since you can't even see anything (giant cloud of loot that you can't pickup blocks your view).


Also, this bug makes it impossible to trigger life support, so if everyone on the squad is bugged it's mission abort time.

If you can last out long enough, you get brief periods where you are suddenly able to pick up loot again. This doesn't last long though.

EDIT: I'm playing on PC and the mission is Elara, Jupiter.

Played Jupiter survival twice today, and both times have had periods where absolutely nothing could be picked up or activated (notably the LS capsules). Notably in that rectangular room with the reflective floor. Even missed out on a rare mod due to it. it can't be the connection, as I was a client both times and enemies were moving normally


Anyone else been having problems in that mission?

Edit:Derp, it was Jupiter.

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