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Titan And Distilling Extractors


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First IDK where to put this so here it is.Please tell if this don't belong.Also don't know if this was posted before so sorry if it has.


Ok now to what this post is about.

To me the extractors needs to have something a little bit more dynamic cause right now it's static(You just place and wait for resources) what I would like to see is that every now and again your "extractor" gets attacked and you get an alert mission(5-20min active time) to defend it on a random node and when you succesfully defended it you have a chance to get a bonus applied like +10%-+75% Extra Resources and the higher level nodes gives a higher chance of giving the higher percentage.If unsuccessfully defended then the extractor has a chance to receive -10%-+75% Reduced resources and Health.



                                                                                                                                                     Awashmanx31 Signing out.





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