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I can go through the portal fine its just when I see the 2 red squares on the map I will crash like at boss ALL the time sometimes it lets me pass then crash when I see the bosses please fix this asap or attentively send me the mods and weap at the end for event but I don't wanna get them this way I want to do the event coz it looks like fun but not when you crash like a B***H trying to do the event


with kind regards Blake666 

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... What about...

You wait on the other side of the portal, not going in, waiting for your 3 teammates to kill the bosses and complete the objective, then you head to extraction.

That might work.

Just something temporary that might help you actually finish some runs without crashing. You can look around for Grineer Caches while they do the objective too.

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I've had this bug happen to me, but only in Ceres for some peculiar reason. My solution is to play solo, it worked for me, just be prepared to die as the artificial difficulty makes a lot of frames useless. X3Evanescence suggested something I did which was stay behind and find the cashes. they can give some decent items like forma and rare cores.


On a side note I do think it wouldn't hurt DE to extend the event due of game breaking bugs for a few more days. 


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I second this, this cursed event is a complete crash, full of bugs and freezes.
I tried everything - waiting outside the portal, doing it solo whith all my 6 frames, tried being dead and spectating - nothing worked. 
It just froze at random moment and closed in some seconds after. I hope they at least give us rewards not to feel so bad about this.

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