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Vectis Zoom Highlight Bug


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I never understood what's the problem with that dot

center points on Crosshairs are generally as fine as possible to not occlude your view.



i encourage you to take a look at various optics that are used on Firearms. everything from Reflex Sights to Holographic Sights to Ballistic Scopes all have very, very fine aiming points. much, much finer than Video Games have.


on a digital screen it's something we need to accept that the optics won't be quite as fine in order for them to be usable, but it's still important that they aren't covering things.

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I never understood what's the problem with that dot, do you play with a 640x480 resolution on a 30'' screen?

Anyway, it's probably a bug and should be fixed.

When one is attempting to aim precisely, one would rather have a dot that is smaller than his target.


EDIT: "He" is the term used for unknown gender.

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