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Artifact Hunting Game Mode


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So I've been playing Warframe since Easter 2013, and ever since I started, "Mods" have been referred to as "Artifacts". I eventually got used to this idea, because they are kinda remnants of the Orokin / Ancient Tenno.


However, with this post (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/313530-death-of-normal-alerts-hidden-items-in-normal-missions/) I got to thinking...we need a void-based game mode centered around the idea of hunting / restoring artifacts. 


The History of Artifact Hunting


Originally, when I had joined Warframe, the Void had complex puzzle rooms which resulted in a prize. These were the original "vaults". They have since been removed, and replaced with "Dragon Key Vaults". These puzzle rooms took a team of four up to fifteen minutes to solve, and when you emerged with special artifacts back into the regular tileset, you realized how large the Void felt.


Since these have been removed, the Void not only feels like a normal sized tileset, but also feels like any other tileset in general. The rooms have no purpose anymore.


So...what I propose is simple.


Return the old "puzzle" rooms, and have an increased chance at dropping rare materials / mods, such as Bite, Gleaming Talon, Neurodes, Orokin Cells, etc...


Perhaps make the entire game mode's purpose to work your way through these puzzles.


Not only would this broaden the ways of possibly acquiring each resource / rare mod, but would lessen the RNG aspect of Warframe, and aid in the de-dilution of drop tables.


Keep in mind, although I say increased chance, I do not mean "high" chance. Just a larger chance than normal crates.


Besides, who wouldn't want to feel like Lara Croft / Indiana Jones every now and then? This is another problem with late-game players. Now that I have every corrupted mod from vaults, I have no purpose to go there. This would aid in that aspect.

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