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100% Crit Chance Not Working Correctly


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Im using Dread which has a standard of 50% crit chance, and im using 100% point strike mod. This gives me 100% crit chance which means every single shot is a critical shot. But this doesnt happen for me. I dont crit every shot unless i charge the dread. This logic needs to get fixed or if this is just a bug since 100% critical chance means that every shot will crit.


When you charge the bow it only applies the damage and has nothing to do with crit since it will apply the dmg of the crit when you crit. This means that you even if you dont charge the bow you should still crit but it doesnt,


So pls fix this!!!!!



100% critical chance doesnt crit every shot wether you charge or not

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-snip- I dont crit every shot unless i charge the dread.



Exactly. The charge clearly affects range and attack power.. why shouldn't it affect everything else? I'm fairly certain that the stats you see are for fully charged shots. The way it currently works makes sense in both a logical sense and in a gameplay sense.


P.S. If you still think it doesn't make sense, at least come up with some reasons. :)

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It is designed to only crit 100% of the time if you charge it fully. I think this is fine since dread is already such a beastly weapon. 


It shouldnt matter if you charge or not because there is no logic to it when you have 100% crit and u dont crit every shot. And there is no logic to it if the uncharged bow only have halved crit chance. Since you what charging the bow does is to apply more damage and have higher range. if this is true that this is halved then their logic is terrible stupid

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my dread crits all the time no matter the power I put in to it,

well speed trigger it charges faster so I think that could be why I crit all the time with it, and yes they are right just firing the bow means half the dmg is applied

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