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Gate Crush Endurance Cache Rewards.



Is it just a pure random, or rewards really getting worse thru progression? For the last five endurances (21-26) I got no tower IV key (III, and some II only) and a neurodes (!) as third reward.


...and Tower I key for 27th run.

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As far as I've seen it seems like the caches usually follow a:


1st cache - Fusion core or Credits

2nd Cache - Tower Key

3rd Cache - Resource (I've had 50 Cryotic and 50 Oxium and only 1 Orokin Cell and 1 Neural Sensor)


I think I've had a second fusion core drop from either the 2nd or 3rd cache though, but that's the order I usually see the rewards.


Also, pretty sure it's random. Sorry to hear about your string of luck though.

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