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Abominor's Fanart Abominations [Updated 26/09/14 - Sheev Comic]


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Hi. I thought I'd post my fanart here. I'll try to keep this title post updated with art, as I make it. I intend to create more. Warframe has a lot of cool stuff to draw.



Well, I'll start with this. It's a work in progress, but I wanted to post it anyway. I really hope spoilers work. Phew, they do.



Although not at all explicit or anything, the following possibly border on NSFW. If you frequent the Warframe subreddit, you have probably seen them before:





Ember (my first Warframe fanart, too \o/):



Ok, so that's all I actually have for now. But I will continue to update this as I make it.


Nope, I finished Vor!




Grustag 3/sheev comic:



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