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Optimizing Molecular Prime



So I am currently building Nova, and would probably focus on Antimatter Drop and Molecular Prime. Here is the question, does power range affect MP's range? According to wiki, the max range is actually affected by duration, so I suppose range play no roles in strengthening MP. Also, is there a way to speed up the wave?

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Power range influences the initial range and the explosion of each enemy (if im right, it seemed to vary last i checked)

Its how big it will start


Duration Influences how big it will get within X amount of time

So it would be in X amount of time MP will continue to spread


You can have a small initial start with a large duration if you dont care about Null Star as much (which would have a short range but you get an extra "marble" thing)


There is no way to speed up the wave

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range affects the explosion radius of mobs. so if you want to maximize chain explosions, boosting range helps.

duration affects the actual MP wave radius. 

power affects the damage for each explosion as well as the slow effect.


for the most part, boosting duration and power is your overall best bet.

as far as i know, there is no way to improve the actual damage bonus applied. (i.e. 2x weapon damage to a mob affected by MP cannot be improved)

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