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Today I Found A New Room In The Void



For some this might be old news, but here it goes anyway.


So, I ran around in the void, and once again, I decided to check the whole level up. When I all of sudden came across this room that I have never seen before. You enter the room as you normally do (like, through the door :p) and right away I did not recognize it. And trust me, I have played in the void alot. It's huge room, with one of those huge pressure plates on the floor. I stepped on it, and two new doors opened up. I stepped inside, and all of sudden, what seemed like 15-20 traps activated all over the room. You know, those yellow laserz of death.


The were three paths you could pick, but you had to wall run to the other side, because the floor were trigged with traps. You could also climb up the sides and on those sides, there were 4 death orbs lasers in each corner.

A few lockers were present on these sides as well.


Pressed on, and another huge room emerged with another pressure plate. I stepped on it, and another door to another room opened up. This room also had a few lockers, and two turrets on each sides. There were also this huge stream of air(?) in the middle so you could slingshot yourself to a hidden spot in the roof. A few more lockers and a few containers were hidden there.


Moved on to the last room, and another pressure plate. I stepped on it, but sadly, this time nothing happen. I mean, the pressure plate got activated, but nothing more. However, I could see thanks to the map, that you could indeed go even further. I guess it was due to not using a prime frame that my journey ended.


I kinda regret I never took any screens of it.


My question is, do you recognize these rooms and more importantly, whats hidden behind the last door that didn't open up for me? My own theory is that in a locker behind the last door, lies a copy of HL3.

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Half Life 3 does not exist and never will, anyone who says otherwise is a lying liar who lies.


Jokes aside, this sounds like one of the secret Void rooms that you can get crazy loot from, but I can't picture which one this might be. They occasionally add new rooms here and there in random updates without saying so, which might be why this is new to you, but they also require a bit of searching for. You might've just missed it until now.


You usually don't need a Prime 'frame to do any of these. If you were unable to get through the door, it must have been because you pressed the wrong pressure plate or missed something.

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If you had taken a picture It would have been better

but I know what that room is, its pretty old


Personally my favorite obstacle course is the fan room I like to refer as untrusting fall

because you step in and it blows you all the way to the ceiling and you fall down, trying not to get hit with lazers and you have to get to the bottom as fast as you can to get the reward

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Yeah its a loot room. You run through it, doing parkour. It has nothing to do with you not using a prime warframe, the course is timed. There is lots of loot containers if you manage to Indiana Jones your way before the giant door closes.


Ahh, so it's a timed course. good to know. I were to busy checking out every room for treasures (yeah, I know, kinda ironic) and stuff, so it never occurred to me to rush ahead.

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So, is there a guide to these loot rooms w/ screen shots? Or some youtube videos showing the 'best' way to get through them? I very rarely see one, and when I do, it's easy to get lost in them sometimes.


you mean something like this?



i just google'd it, so if you search, you possibly find more of these

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