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Wtb -Regular Muscular Raksa Kubrow-


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Idk for lotus symbol, colors (cause i recolor it into all in black). I just need cheapest, muscular one which looks like default raksa in game codex (or on Warframe wiki/ Kubrow section/ Raksa) - short tail, or no tail, short  ears, etc. They all (muscular raksa) huge and tall bear like? Or they differ by height also?..Then i need shortest of default muscular raksa...


Sorry...but i'm kinda new to kubrow stuff...and also, sorry, but i dunno why, but i can't paste a links with screenshots into comments or post section (so i can show it which kubrow i want)...in general, "paste" don't work on this forum for me =(


Pls, post your screenshots with price here...i will choose and pm you. Tnx for your time.

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Height and gender are random and are not store on the imprints. Everything else transfers.


And heres a guide on how to post images on this site




or if you use Imgur



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Nah...ctrl+v (paste) dosn't work for me (it paste emty lines)...as quotes on other comments - doesn't working at all. Only raw text input :) ...maybe because this forum not optimized for IE12 or it's default settings...anyhow i have all updates on my OS as on all my softwares. And it's very strange for me...cause I never encounter with this problem as till now, with this particular forum...


Anyway...idk for gender, but for height...bummer. I saw tall kubrows...didn't like it...too huge....like a very.

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