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How About A Pro-Wrestler Tenno?


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Picture a Tenno with a massive upper body but very tall/thin legs. Good health, excellent armor, low shields. A head that looks like it's wearing a wrestling mask! It could even be a woman, if you want something really crazy. The focus of this Tenno's power would be to see bodies flying. It wouldn't do alot of damage, but just the sheer joy of seeing ragdoll bodies flying EVERYWHERE!

It's special abilities would be something like:

Whirlwind Slam:

When activated, the Tenno charges forwards and grabs whatever empty is in front of it, by the foot. Then he/she spins the enemy around in a circle, knocking down and severely hurting anyone nearby with a radial spin, and finally tossing away the enemy in a straight line forward (like a shot put), doing more crash damage to whomever is in the path of the body. All enemies hit rogdoll and are knocked down. The victim would receive damage from every impact, so it's unlikely any enemy, even a heavy, would be able to survive. Damage would be akin to any enemy rag dolling into another, which from what I've seen, is very high.

Ground Pound:

This would be a two-fisted, Hulk/Rhino style ground strike, which would send any nearby enemies flying into the area. The damage would be weak, but it would knock them all off their feet in a glorious wave of flying badguys. It's not a super attack, it's more of a distraction/crowd-control, so the cost to use would be low.

Rope Torpedo:

Two pillars appear next to the Tenno and three glowing, stretchy electric rope appear. The Tenno leans into them. You aim and activate the power again, throwing yourself forward, Angry Birds-style, like a living torpedo, HEAD-FIRST, doing massive impact damage on whomever you hit. You can use it to get around, as well as waste tons of enemies in your way. It would be similar to a Rhino or Excalibur's Charge, but with FAR greater range. The effect is more like Valkyr's Ripline, only faster. Once you hit a wall, your Tenno bounces off into a backflip and lands on their feet.

Exploding Throw (or some better name):

Same as the Whirlwind Slam, when active the Tenno charges forward and seizes whatever enemy is infront and the closest. He/She then holds the enemy up, by the head, with one arm. When you activate the power again, the Tenno throws this enemy, in whatever direction you want. Every enemy this victem hits creates an explosion, as well as a final, much bigger explosion when they finally hit a wall. On a long coridor in Survival, it'll look like a carpet bombing! This would be the Tenno's biggest attack. 

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I would personally love something like this. Maybe something you could add to exploding throw: the held target would act as a meat shield similar to melee guarding?


Edit: OH, and based on damage absorbed, the explosions deal more?

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