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Large Sunika Kubrow Appraisal, Wts


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Hello, I have literally no experience in Warframe trading, but I do have (in my opinion) a pretty cool looking Sunika Kubrow. I have looked, but couldn't find any other Kubrows on the internet that were larger in size (though some were the same size) Would anybody be able to tell me if his imprints would be worth anything at all? I wouldn't want to invest in an imprint if it's practically worthless. If anybody is interested in an imprint of him, you can also post an offer here.


Picture 1: on the ship



Picture 2: interacting



Picture 3: in the field



As I said, I have no idea if he is worth anything, but I figured it was better to ask than to not know.


Thanks to anybody who replies!



EDIT: Since you can't see his entire pattern with his natural colours, here are pictures of him with a customized coat color.


Picture 1: on the ship



Picture 2: interacting



Picture 3: in the field


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