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Help With Price Check Pls


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Pricing is totally subjective. I'll give my prices based on what I've experienced.


Braton Prime BP: 15p

Dakra Prime Handle: 10p

Frost Prime Systems: 15p

Latron Prime Stock: 5p

Boar Prime Stock: 5-10p (can vary)

Mag Prime BP: 5p (Systems is rarest.for Mag and Ember)

Paris Prime String: 5p


My only advice is, try hard to sell them, even though they have some feasible value here, Most if these are items nobody is looking for. Not trying to discourage you, but I sure you've noticed how overpopulated the Trade tab is with Kubrow Prints, and Event Mod Sets.


Now honestly these prices will vary from person to person, the prices I listed are what I see them sell for, so that I don't seem biased. If need any more help with prices let me know :D

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Trading can be fruitful and fruitless. As you do it you begin to get an idea of worth for each tradeable item. Here's a few things quite in demand right now



- Kubrow Imprints (can range from 30-150p depending on how rare your Kubrow's pattern is)

- Event Mods (Tetra's Doom is the big seller/buyer usually with 400-600p per set. Smart buyers will try to get it for around 200. Average price on each mod in the set is nearly 100+ each)

- Max Corrupted Mods (Mods taken from Orokin Derelict Vaults, max these puppies out for a near 250+ platinum profit)


However I will say now that tomorrow we get Update 14.5 and New Prime Access, This means  couple things:

- New Ice Mods from the Event, They will probably sell for 100+ at start but its best to sit on these and let the value go up.

-The Prime Access means players will be purchasing Prime Packs, and with those packs they get TONS of platinum, so they will be looking to buy a good bit of stuff.

- Kubrow Color Customizing: This will reduce the pricing of some Kubrow Print sales. However top sellers will be Kubrow's with the Lotus Symbol. The demand for them is gonna go up quite a bit.

- Nyx Prime and her Gear: Kinda like the new Prime Access, going and farming the new prime warframe and the new prime weapons can net you tons of platinum Since she will be new, here's what Loki Prime and his gear sold for when he first came out.

(These are the supposed Prime Sets coming out, this may change)

---Loki Prime Set: 150-200p

---Bo Prime Set: 80-100p

---Wyrm Prime Set: 50-80p

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Everything that Hollow18 is spot on and accurate. I'd just like to add a couple things.


The trade chat is a hot mess of "WTS" spam. Most of the time if you put "WTS..." in trade chat, it will just get drowned out by all the others. Instead, look for people who post "WTB...". If you have the item that they want to buy, then PM them your price. They will likely have many other PMs from others too, so don't PM them with asking how much they are willing to pay, just state your price to them. You'll be much more successful this way by targeting buyers.  


Also, be civil. Always reply back with a "yes, sounds good" or "no thank you". And if someone insults you, just put them on ignore. 

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thefndodge made a good point about the trade channel.


And likely if you are going to buy something, always look for the lowest price and never take the first seller that pm's you.

In fact with players it goes both ways, some are so desperate they will take the first price they get regardless of how high it is, or you have players who do like I said and check all their options before buying.


Me personally, I sell my gear about 10-15p lower than the average price. (I have even sold Prime BP's for 2p and entire sets for 10 or 5). Reasoning? Because I easily surpass in sales if I sell lower than others and players appreciate a generous seller. Besides I can easily farm these parts again so after a while to profits add up.

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