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Who Else's Mind Did This Upon Seeing The Gates?


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I actually started watching SG-1 for the first time like 3 weeks ago (finished Farscape before that). I used to love the stargate movie but never watched the show outside of a random episode when I was a kid.

So yeah, Instantly thought of stargate when I did the mission :D





As much hate as Atlantis/Universe got, I honestly enjoyed all things Stargate. Stargate movie and SG-1 were the bees knees though.


I know Universe gets hate, but I thought Atlantis was really loved? At least the people I know who watched it all seem to love it.

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SG-1 should have hired some Tenno to guard their gate instead of building an iris.




Maybe it was Tenno who served the Goa`Uld actually? :D


And then we destroyed their empire and went into cryosleep, nice lore idea  :D

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I think the only people that didn't make the comparison are people that have never seen Stargate.


On a side note, it always bugs me a little bit when people think SG1 was the start of it all.


There was a movie folks, in 1994 ... not a very good movie but still.


Edit - that isn't aimed at anyone here but i've had this debate before. 

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They should give us a mission where we need to actually start up a gate and it goes through the full Stargate startup process.

Ah I bet so many noobs would die when the portal just suddenly bursts out of the gate as the field materializes before we can pass through.

Pff... I don't know about you, but I would die immediately due to overloaded excitement if that happened. And maybe throw my wallet to DE for no reason if I were still alive. LOL
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Lol Atlantis actually was my favorite Stargate series XD


I like that one too.  The episode with the Asgardians (The Vanir Lost Tribe) wrecking house with their exo-armor was pretty epic.  (was towards the end of the series.)  Ain't gonna lie I nerdgasmed a little when I saw it.  XD



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