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[Ic] From The Shadows I Come


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For centuries i have slept, but unlike many of the tenno, i slept deep in the void. It was the only place that seemed safe for an elder tenno. Many of the young tenno thought it was safe to sleep in Earth after its destruction, they hadnt seen how many rebirths that small planet had, but an elder tenno like me have. 


The call of the lotus:


"Wake up tenno, The word is in danger, you are in danger! You must restore balance" came the call of the lotus, ever so motivating, but i ignored it. It is unlikely for anyone to reach the void and disturb my sleep and the younger tenno could easily handle a small war. By God i was wrong.

It started by sensing movements in the tower, i ignored it, some wild life come to the towers sometime and die to the death laser. Then it came. "Wake up unknown, i know you think you are safe but you arent, i know you can sense movement out there, those are corpus units corrupted by the void they are coming here to kill you, WAKE UP!". I opened my cryopod and the door to my room was detonated, corrupted corpus gunners raised their weapons and shouted something in a language i havent heard in  a Millennium. i slided to them, hit one with my hand and used him as a shield, then used his rifle to shoot the other. I was so weak, i could hardly walk after that cryo sleep and the wake up, but i had to fight, i had to get to my ship. I went to the room next to my cryo room and picked up my trusty paris and my kunai, if i want to live, then i should use the art of shadow walk-the art of assassins. 

I went out of the room, shot a corrupted crewman with my arrow straight in the neck and he dropped silently. slowly i moved across the room then to the next. it contained 10 crewmen, "S#&$" i whispered under my breath, too many for me, and there is never one alone, then i remembered the sewer system, every tower had one that led to everywhere in the tower, but it was hidden, it is never wrong for an assassin to take the easiest way out. I noticed an entry point in the room that i just passed, i returned there and found the hole in the ground, i followed the sewer till it got me to the deck. 

The ship was guarded by 2 crewmen, indicating that they werent just the mindless corrupted that are present in the towers, is it possible that the void has finally been tired of my presence?

I ran for the ship sliding and shooting arrows in progress, i reached the ship and ordered ordis to take off immediately, and luckily ordis  was still functional, and i was launched to space.


Gathering old friends


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