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A Bug With G3 And Steam That Made Me Really Mad And Sad.



S A D B O Y S 2 0 1 4 ;_;




So what happened basically goes like this - 


I'm farming stuff with my Nekros and Soma on solo, all's going well, when suddenly I get messages of G3.

Ok, they appear, the node is lvl 9-15 so they all die like flies. I cut them all in half and desecrate to infinity, and I get like 5 or 6 BP bubbles. I try to take a screenshot via steam, and my game crashes. I open up the game - mission failed, Grustrag Bolt on me, and no mail from Lotus with a BP of Grustrag Bolt Receiver.


Bye bye Brakk. I'm almost certain the next time I see G3 will be when I'm doing a lvl 50+ mission and they will screw me over.



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You can cut up an enemy only once, only one enemy can drop a BP, the greatest amount of BPs that can show up is 2.

The level of the Node does not effect the level of the Grustag 3.

Quitting the mission will prevent you from getting the bolt.


I don't think your story is true.

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