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Who Writes The Red Text?



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Aaaaand, I misvote.

I don't even know who I picked.. D:

theres a star next to what u picked


Pretty sure it's not just one person.


Though if not, Steve and Rebecca are out because there's been redtext during devstreams where they were at the couch.

Also if it's just one person, my vote would have to be Glen.


you know they can just type it before hand right?

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Somehow I also feel that it should remain a mystery... Giving a face to the Redtext would be like giving the Warframes a voice. ^^



But seems like it will be unavoidable to know in the coming days... so I might as well get over with it... xD



Also I always thought it would be more than one person... because if not it would mean that the person behind the Red Text would literally have to live at DE's company building... because of the many out-of-order hotfixes. xD

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if we take this...


and this...



into consideration, coupled with the fact that we all know how much [DE]Glen likes to horse around about casuals, we could say that he was left out of the list.

note that, that prime time episode happened the exact same day as the red text broadcast, and the update note was added by [DE]Glen (thought and update notes were marged a day later). ofcourse that red  text could have been [DE]megan (or anyone else for that matter), but she was not online on the forums when that happened. i know cos i was there to check it.

im not saying that [DE]Glen is the ultimate incarnation of red text, but im quite sure that he was responsible for that one.

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