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Who Writes The Red Text?



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Why isn't "An artificial intelligence which has patterned itself as a composite of several DE personnel, hiding from justice in the server room " a choice in this poll?




I wanted this as a choice! Unless that Red Sweater guy actually IS an AI pretending to be human...




You know....?

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Well the message included the word "her" when she didn't meant to type the message in game plus the many ice puns.


In conclusion, the culprit must be Rebecca due to her love of puns and being a lady that to use pronouns to describe women are she, but most importantly "her."


Elementary my dear Watson.


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I'm pretty sure Red Sweater Randall is a Red Herring :D



Or is it a red herring to throw us off the track of the truth? Hmmm?


Maybe Red Sweater Randal IS Red Text and he wants us to THINK it is too obvious so we will, in our obvious logic, lay the trophy at the feet of one who does not deserve it so he can complain to RNG to make our lives HELL for a time.


I iz confuze... I think I sprained my brainz...

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So many votes for Steve and Rebecca.


Secret hint: During the MMOBomb thing, many people watched the thread, and red text regularly updated the info on the thread to the game.


The forum used to list all people viewing a thread at that point(doesn't seem to, anymore).


So ONLY a dev who was on the thread at every single time that a red text was posted could possibly be red text.


It turns out, if you're insane and don't sleep, that you could find one, and only one, dev that was on that thread at all appropriate times.


Silly people.


That being said: It's not Rebecca, because red text posts surprise her, and often show up when she's nowhere near a computer. Just so you know.

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I don't care who it is, but the all the unprofessional sex jokes from a few hotfixes/updates back need to be stopped.


Edit: Its not that I don't find them funny or anything, but there are people who play the game who will be offended by these comments and they shouldn't have to suffer due to unprofessional behavior.


Edit 2: This is what I am referring to in my initial text.(The screen shot not the person who posted) https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/311669-update-1470-operation-gate-crash/?p=3529975

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It's been one of Warframe's biggest mysteries, but with your help we may finally be able to narrow down who the culprit is.  Take a look at our list of suspects and let us know who you think we should watch carefully over the next update!


The voting is open for one week Tenno, lets settle this mystery once and for all!



it_was__red_herring_by_ramenwolf1485-d5cAka DE_Adam.

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It's not Rebecca or Steve, they've both been on numerous livestreams and in different countries during Red Text appearances...


So you see, my dear Watson, the perpetrator of these vile crimes against wordsmithery is none other than R-! <Vectis Headshot, Thud>

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