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Just brainstorming... Maybe allowing Tenos to somehow connect and combine their warframes together with other warframes in physic type manner. Different warframes working together to form a bigger badder type of abilities that they wouldn't otherwise have working alone. For instance a hydroid and volt working together to form a forcefully charged water attack with an electric current running through it. The idea is linking to form new abilities (possibly a perceived mind link). From the warframe wiki the warframe seems to be the armor, but the Teno on the inside is actually alive and aware. For instance, while Tenos are mind linked they can form new stronger attacks which vary depending on how many Tenos are linked and which Warframe it is. The downside would be, the longer they stay linked the faster their energy would drain.

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oh this woud be epic maybe we can unlock combos with xp we gain from already lvled warframes :D


like a combo from novas antimatter drop and vaubans vortex <.<

you can shoot it and enemies getting caught in it will get 50% of the dmg you deal to the MOVING vortex + be sucked in


etc.etc.etc ofc just an example

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