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Warframe Concept-Gravitas (Updated) (Gravity Themed Frame)


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This is Gravitas, a master at manipulating gravity and mass.

Ability 1

Disorientation-Gravitas increases the mass and weight of all projectiles fired at him and his squad mates, decreasing the accuracy of enemies with projectile or laser weapons. There will be a chance of weapons backfiring and dealing blast damage to the enemy holding the weapon and will knock them down. Does not affect enemies without projectile weapons.

Range- 10/15/25

Duration- 4/7/15

Chance of Miss(Affected by strength mods)- 15/25/40


Ability 2

Gravity Hand- Gravitas extends his hand, creating a small forcefield in front of him which catches all projectiles and can pick up enemies. He is mobile when using this ability, able to move around and aim his hand but cannot jump or sprint. At the end of power duration, Gravitas will launch all enemies and projectiles at high velocity in front of him which will knock down enemies in the way and deal small damage to them.


Range(Width of ability)- 3/5/7

Duration- 5/10/15




Ability 3

Planar Switch- Gravitas can change his opponents gravity plane for a short amount of time.When this is activated, enemies will float up at a high speed towards the top of the tile set, then release them. Enemies will fall back down and take fall damage. The damage they take is a percentage of their health so it can scale into late game. The enemies will also receive a debuff  which lowers their armor, and decreases the damage they deal. 


Range- 10/20/30

Fall Damage(affected by strength mods)-10%/25%/35%

Armor Debuff(affected by strength mods)- 10%/25%/35%

Damage Debuff(affected by strength mods)- 5/10/25





Ability 4

Supernova - Gravitas creates very strong gravitational field around him which draws all enemies in. He then collapses his gravitational field, creating a supernova. All enemies drawn in take massive damage. All enemies not drawn in are blinded.


Range(Suction of gravitational field)- 7/13/20

Range(Blind to rest of enemies)- 10/15/25

Duration(Gravitational field)- 5/10/15

Duration(Blind)- 5/15/20


Possible Alternate Abilities

Planar Switch- Gravitas can change which axis he walks on.(Idk i thought this would be cool)




Shields-100(440 max rank)

Health- 300(520 max rank)

Power- 150(225 max rank)

Sprint Speed- 1.0

Stamina- 100



Aura- Dash

4x Double Dash polarities

1x Dash Polarity

1x V polarity


So what do you guys think? And if anyone could come up with better names and a model, that'd be great.


Still looking for names but currently creating a model.

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