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Why Is My Mod Bonus Effect Halved?



Anyone know why when I installed at +120% shield mod, the bonus it actually gives is only 60%?




The base shield for my armor at my level is 300 the mod should have added 460 for a total of 760?


I also have a +160% Health Mod installed, and it only added 80% of the bonuses.


It seems that effect is halved.  


They are socketed on Blank slots, does that alter the effective bonus of mods?


The tutorial only mentioned that slots with matching element only lower the point cost.  It didn't mention anything about effective bonus.

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Read this page: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Redirection


I think the important text is:


"The increase to shield capacity is applied to the base shield capacity of the Warframe before bonus shield from leveling is taken into account.

  • For example: if a maxed Redirection mod is applied to a level 30 Frost Prime, only the base shield capacity at unranked (150) is amplified by a factor of 4.4 (810)."
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Mods like Redirection and Vitality scale off of the base stats of a Frame, which are its stats at unranked.


A rank 0 Mag has 75 health and 150 shields. 120% of that starting 150 is 180, so a Redirection that adds +120% to shields will give 180 more shield points to a Mag of any rank.

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the percentage gained is based of the base shield level.


the percent is based off the frame's base 100 shield, not the maxed 300 shield you get at level 30


300 + (100 * 120%) = 480

Your math isn't correct but that's because Mag has 150 base shields and the mag in the picture is rank 15.

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