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The Underwater Tileset - What It Really Is


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Just speculation here, after Devstream 37.


Let's take a look at some concept art of Tyl Regor Hall, an upcoming tile in the boss's new tileset, coming with his makeover.





I thought it was kinda odd that the outside was blue, but I just went along with it.


Next, let's take a look at a machine - the Grineer cloning machines, presented in D37 too.



Knowing that these are cloning machines, let's take a look at what I believe is a Grineer cloning lab, due to the presence of lots of cloning machines:



Still, there's a persistant blue overtone...almost like an underwater base. Knowing that there's an underwater tileset coming up (confirmed at TennoLive 2014), it's my speculation that the underwater tileset will replace Uranus's tileset, as a Grineer genetic laboratory.




inb4 slowpoke

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Too bad Uranus is a gas giant, and the only liquids there are super-pressurized helium, oxygen, and other gasses...


But I think you're right. And if you look closely at the first Tyl Regor throne room pic, as well as the last genetic foundry pic, you can see water leaking and dripping from the ceiling...

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