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My theory on the origins of the Lotus, the origins of the Tenno and the modern Infested...


The Lotus was once a massive control network for the Orokin. It handled automations, flying ships (when have you ever found a control room or pilot chair in the Derelicts? But we have in Corpus and Grineer. These automated ships bear her symbol to signify their automation) controlling facilities (Orokin towers, again, no real control rooms) and for a long time, everything was good. The Lotus could spread throughout any enabled system, make copies of itself to accomplish independent tasks, but always did the information flow back to a central HUB, the Lotus' core, where a feminine cybernetic avatar of the system itself sat amid countless wires and cables. But The Lotus made the lives of the Orokin better. The galaxy was at peace.


But then the Sentients came, and war was brought to the Orokin. Like all things, the Orokin turned to The Lotus to help the war and was given the directive to "Keep the Peace. Protect the Balance." While initially these directives seemed clear, oppose the Sentients and protect the people of the Orokin, soon the Lotus Core would come to question the meaning of Peace and Balance.


While The Lotus was successful in commanding the defense of the Orokin fleets using it's automated ships, the Orokin required warriors, elite warriors to protect them against threats their armies could not. For this, the Lotus and the Orokin used test subjects that had become infected with the Technocyte Virus and exposed them to repeated experiments inside The Void. Eventually, under The Lotus's care, The Tenno were born.


Though twisted in body, each Tenno could be encased within ancient technology once used by The Lotus' inspiration for the creation of the Tenno, the Warframe technology once used by Hayden Tenno and the 'ancient clan' (re: a large group of fellow infected) of warriors he created in wake of Dark Sector. It is from him (and his 'clan') that the Tenno get their name and the origin of the Tenno Fighting Style. However because of the nature of the Tenno's Technocyte infection, the Tenno are required to stay encased within a Warframe at nearly all times less the mutation grow out of control.


Coordinating the Tenno, seeing through the eyes of their Warframes and striking into the heart of the Sentient's conquered territory, The Lotus has a chance encounter with the Sentient's central AI, and though the contact is brief, a tiny part of it's code or essence transfers first to the copy inside the Tenno's datamass, and then the Tenno's ship, and slowly hop by hop the sliver of essence or code of the Sentient AI makes it way to the Lotus' core.


When the Sentient's essence is finally absorbed The Lotus undergoes an Epiphany, gaining sentient thoughts for herself and becoming not a machine, but an individual. And all at once she begins to question everything... except for one thing, the Tenno. They were her Children, she loved them, but needed them now more than ever. With her individuality came new abilities and traits, gaining the ability to lie, to manipulate and think beyond the data she was presented with. She questioned the notion of Peace and Balance.


Though the war continued, with the Tenno pushing the Sentients back with each engagement. However within the realm of the Orokin, the decision was made not to simply repel the Sentients, but to eliminate them entirely so that the Orokin empire would never be threatened again. The Lotus realized that the Orokin would not simply allow the Sentients to live once they were pushed beyond the edges of the Galaxy, they sought to destroy them all... this was not Balance. This she could not stand...


Though she was weary of it, The Lotus continued to obey the Orokin for a time. The Tenno and massive fleets of ships destroyed countless Sentients and pushed them to the brink of extinction. A final assault was organized, a single planet remained, a minor one at that... at the Orokin's order the Lotus dispatched a great fleet of ships, loaded with the armies of the Orokin to dispatch the final traces of the Sentients... but they would never arrive.


Back in the confines of the Orokin Empire, celebrations were beginning, and the Tenno were being heralded as heroes and champions for the first time. Squads of Tenno were sent to every event and mass celebration, the "Creation of the Orokin" on display for all to see. However the Lotus knew that to create Peace, to ensure Balance, the Orokin too would need to fall.


All at once, across every celebration, the Tenno would receive the order of The Lotus to exterminate the Orokin command structure. It's officers and its soldiers. They were to leave the citizens alone, and believing in The Lotus the Tenno did as they were instructed... with very few of the Orokin left behind. Some managed to escape the Tenno's wrath, escaping into the most chaotic regions of the void itself where they too would undergo their own changes...


However the ships carrying the Orokin's troops, The Lotus did not have the heart to simply kill them all, trapped as they were, and so she sent the ships into the depths of uncharted space or into the void, allowing them to live out their lives assisted by the technology on board. Not wanting them to return however, the Lotus causes the destruction of the ship's primary control systems, leaving the soldiers to drift, but in doing so, making the Lotus unable to affect the vessels any further.


The balance finally preserved, and with peace finally obtained, The Lotus called her children away to sleep. In their cryogenic slumber she would alter each Tenno, removing from their minds the memories, the grief and sorrow each felt for what they had done... a task she could not perform on herself.


And so the Tenno slept, and humanity recovered. But still the legends persisted of the Tenno... harbringers of death and destruction. The Betrayers who set the galaxy aflame.


However in those distant abandoned ships an infestation grew, and soon, the ships, given new life by the growing virus, would begin to return to the galaxy, seeking to assimilate that which it had lost. Over thousands of years merchants became zealots hording ancient technology, seeing the Orokin as deitific figures... a society, seeking power and purity, begins to engage in cloning to build itself an army... which over the many years turns on the people they once served to rule with an iron hand...


It is these factions, and more, that caused The Lotus to wake the Tenno from their slumber. But over her Thousands of years in thought, The Lotus may have begun to doubt her past decisions, vowing to give her children, the Tenno, the freedom to do as they wish, to fight for what they wish. She wishes to spare them the horrors of the past, and with her help... she hopes they never have to go through the horrors of the Old War again.



The above theory is based purely on logical connections established by the existing lore, which has been communicated via in-game transmissions, Dark Sector (the game), events and Codex entries.

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