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Fusing Fractions Of Mods


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when fusing mods, it is possible to fuse a decimal value of a mod, as opposed to only allowing integer values.




control group, no fusion cores are selected, no cost to fuse and no progression on the bar




first group, one fusion core selected, 750 credits to fuse and the mod reaches about a fifth of the way into rank one




second group, two fusion cores are selected, 1500 credits to fuse, and the mod reaches almost rank two


now, this is where things get weird...




third group, one point five fusion cores are selected, it costs 1125 credits to fuse and the mod reaches about a fifth of the way into rank one



so, the credit value makes sense that it would be at 1.5 times the cost of one fusion core, but there is no extra progression of the bar.


when fused with 1.5 cores, two fusion cores are used, it costs the same as it claims it should, and only as much progression as one core happens.


edit: It should be noted that while decimals such as 1.5 are possible, decimals such as .5 are not, it just won't let you type it.


edit2: Apparently only 1.5 comes out even, here are the pictures for 1.1 through 1.9 (skipping 1.5) in order










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