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I Started Re-Playing This Game Again And I Got Some Questions



1# For the love of god, how do I disable ordis? That annoying voice is already driving me crazy with the same repeating messages over and over.

2# Any easy way to join games? I still find myself loading up warframe wanting a quick game, but spend 5-10 frustrating minutes looking for a team. Is there still no way I can just 'join a game, any game' type of command?

3# Still no option to remove the same intro cinematic before a mission without doing it manually everytime?

4# Is forma more rare now? I only got one left, and ive still yet to see any alerts for forma...

5# I am using the strun Wraith and Lex. Other then maybe the Lex Prime (which seems crazy powerful), any obvious weapons I should start focusing on farming?

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Welcome back to warframe:


1) There is a slider to mute him.


2) No


3) Press space bar and skip intro. No way other than manual


4) Forma is dropped in void as a BP very easily, alerts, rare.


5) Brakk, Marelok, AkBoltos are good, Detron is really nice, AkBronco Prime. Latron Prime, Boltor Prime, Soma, Amprex, Dread, Paris Prime, Quanta...y'know what just get everything.

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1) Options > Audio


2) There should be a value where it states how many people are playing that one specific node. Don't expect to find too many matches on the unpopular ones though.


3) The cutscene WAS removed back then, but it was reintroduced. And yes, you still have to manually skip it. Just spam the spacebar.


4) Yes.


5) Soma is an end-game primary and it's BP can be obtained from the market. Very easy to get.

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1) In the settings, there should be a transmissions and voice volume sliders. Since I don't have that build, I'm not 100% on which is which, but one of them will disable Ordis's voice (but keep the popup).


2) No, there is still no 'easy join' button.


3) Still no.


4) I think Forma rates were reduced post U14, though I have seen a significant amount over time.


5) Obvious for power? The bows, Dread and Paris P. Phage, Soma, Synapse, Boltor Prime, Brakk, Marelok, Dakra P, Dragon Nikana, Dual Ichors, etc and so forth.


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2. Its the same as before, although depending on ur time zone there is a specific time when warframe is dead.
4. The forma itself is rare but u can easily acquire a blueprint by doing T1&T2 void missions
5. Its not a perfect list but i can say about 80% of the weapons listed here sounds about just right.

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y'know what just get everything.

^dis, And oh ordis volume slider is in audio tab in settings....

*and i suggest you get marelok first since its fire power is almost same as brakk*which is considered the most powerful secondary existed in game and unlike brakk it is: 1) easier to get, 2) no damage drop off over distance compared to brakk, 3) no bullet spread unlike brakk,it just have slower reload speed*which is pretty fast already* and lower firerate..

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