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I Think This Was Vaguely Mentioned In Devstream #36...


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One of the things that U15 will feature, as mentioned, collecting resources directly from the asteroids that are floating around you in the archwing gamplay.


Then I wondered if they can actually make a huge space map where people can collect resources from? Not alone, of course. Just like the player hubs, which is another that excites me, why not make a map where several dozens of people can go around collect stuffs? Also like Dark Sectors, make those places in each of the planets in the entire solar system.


But I'm aware that they've also said archwing gameplay will follow up from a corpus missions. That kind of saddens me that 'collecting resources' would be limited. However, I do have high hopes that it can be done.


Also to add some richness in the solar map, there could be comets that orbit around planets and the sun. Maybe another type of alert missions involving archwing gameplay? What are your thoughts on these?

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