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Question For Volt Frame



If I use Electric Shield and fire a weapon through it and it has this following MOD.


If it has Fire/Heat MOD will it make it Radiation damage

how about if it has Cold/Ice will that turn to Magnectic damage

and how about if I use poison/toxin will it turn to corrosive damage?


The weapon does not have Electricity MOD in it, I was only referring to the Electric shield giving it Electric buff of some sort.

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My friend that was playing Ember threw fireballs through my electric shield, triggering Radiation procs upon enemies with the fireballs. Food for thought.

I need to do more extensive testing on that, but it seems that AoE projectiles fired through the shield will get combined elements.


It certainly works for the Torid. Unfortunately the other AoE weapons dont do status chance very well.

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