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The Legends Of The Warframes


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                                                                                                  WARFRAME ORIGINS: FROST                                                       



"Let it go, let it go!!!!"


"Will you stop that Elsa? Please, you have been singing that since melted ice!"


Elsa and Jack were married, both of them had the most wanted ability ever in history : The power to control Ice.


Elsa frowned. She pouted her lips and said, " Yea right, and you never put that stick of yours down. Why?"


Suddenly a little figure stumbled into the room.


Baby Frost.


"Its soooo not original to name your son after your surname, Jack. Now he is called " Frost Frost"."

"Huh? Hey, you agreed to it too!"


Frost spoke in a timid voice, " Mom, Dad, Excalibur made fun of me again D: "


Jack said, annoyed, " That N00b again? Don't tell me he radial blinded you and tripped you over... "

Frost nodded.


"Dang it. His dad Arthur was a n00b too, and he tripped me and pushed me around when I was kid..." Jack mumbled.

"Son, Don't let others ruin your morale. Just.... let it go." Elsa consoled her son.

"Seriously Els?  I mean, 'Let it go"?"

"JACK! Your son need some encouragement. Now go out and teach him how to freeze snow. Else he will always be bullied."


Jack sighed and ushered his son out. He stood infront of him a few feet away and said, " Go on. Hit me with your best shot"

Frost frowned in concentration, with his tongue coming out a bit, and jerked his hand forward.


Only a few flakes came out.


"Cmon  son I know you have it in you!"


Frost gave a slight nod, and frowned again.

This time he did a few concoctions with his hand, twirling it about.... AND BAM!


There was a loud bang, almost as if a bomb exploded.

Flames flew. Jack was taken aback. 

He heard a few giggles, turning to the left to see Ember, with her Dad.



Frost stumbled over to Jack and held his hand, his touch feeling cold as Ice. Of course, I mean, He is Frost!

"Dad, It's OK. They will not bother us anymore. Lets go inside, I am feeling warm."

Jack looked into the ice cold watery eyes of his son, and walked towards the house with him.


Elsa came running, bringing an ice-cream for her son. " 5 toppings of Antarctic Breeze, just like you love :D"


Frost gleamed. He happily took the ice-cream and went about his room.


To be continued..... 

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I am adding a bit more non-canon stuff in to make it a bit more fun. The Warframes starts with a simple armor. Etc. The Crypod you always protect. It's the prototype of every Warframe, they either adapt to their users or the environment it is in. Hydroids was a base Warframe that crash landed into the sea and starts to adjust itself within it, slowly gaining control of the water it surrounds. Of course, these are LEGENDS (maybe true, maybe not) of how Warframes came to be, so you can probably make up multiple origins 

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