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Foundry Builds, And Resource Usage


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Ok i am not 100 percent sure if this belongs in feedback or not as i am just kinda wondering if anyone else sees this my way so ill keep it short and sweet and let the mods do there thing. 

we can all appreciate that foundry items take a long time to build especially frames, we can all plainly see why this is

if you don,t want to wait then rush it, but perhaps  everyone cant afford to rush it or see it as a waste of plat when there is slots and potatoes to buy etc or just the pain in the butt of building clan research for a week before you can even start your weapon


so my proposal to solve this issue.


have a extra foundry work space available on the market maybe with the blueprint for plat and it costing 

a good amount of resources to manufacture  so no one gets to scream omg op plz nerf. what this would do would allow you an additional build and you could keep adding this until you have x amount of slots available perhaps four or five?


this might not seem like a big deal to some but when its late game and you want to build a few forma or feldons or even a couple of weapons at a time well i think it would be a minor tweak that would get a lot of love for people.




and my second idea was to come up with a way to convert resources into something usable, 

for example there is no way in hell i am going to ever use the amount of nanospores i have even if i start feeding them to my kurbrow. however with clan research i find myself quiet hungry for plastids


my proposal to fix this, either have a in-game trader or a distillery or something like that where you can convert

the excess of what you have into something you want with a minor loss 


so lets say 1000 nanos make 500 plastids well you will need to feed the distillery 1100 nanos to get your 500 plastids


well anyway open to suggestions i would love to see some of these convenience changes come to warframe but lets see how everyone else feels.#


edit ignore spellings and typos, and nothing i said here is literal its not maths its examples so go nuts

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yes to both, end game players could really benefit from being able to "upgrade" the foundry.


For the resource trade,maybe limit it to common resources, with 50% loss?


ATM the total amount of Alloy plate needed to craft all items that requires alloy plate is 40-50k (i beleve), and a lot of players got in the millions because of void drop, myself included.


1 million alloy plate for 1 neurode? DEAL

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It took me a minute to figure out that you meant extra build slots for building multiple copies of the same item. Ex: building more than one forma at a time.


Sure this would be nice, but i doubt that any implementation that will result in a lower number of plat purchases/expenditures is going to be resoundingly embraced by DE. So don't hold your breath. Also, get back to work =p

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actually i believe this would increase plat sales if done correctly, you can still rush the stuff and if its a market only print that you have to buy then people will be throwing cash at de, i mean it certainly wont decrease plat sales any more than trading does and lets face it we need something to do with our materials i have enough nanospores to build my own hives and enough alloy plates to build tanks to roll over them with.

does anyone else think this will reduce plat sales because if trading didn't do it nothing else will

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well if enough people get behind the idea and the post grows mabey we will get it it does not sound like to big a deal to add although im not a coder.

i mean considering you have to farm the materials then you gotta build the forma then you have to level the weapon to 30 again apply  new forma and back to secura i think there is more than enough of a time sink there for no reason to justify this.

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