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Lf Friendly, Active *social* Clan! [ New Player | Hours Daily ]


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I have recently begun playing the game and have come to realize how much more fun it is when playing with other people! I am currently in a clan, however I have found that only a couple of people even communicate :-\


I play daily and would like to find a group of players who do so as well. I enjoy working with others and am VERY team-oriented. Honestly, helping others to complete goals is just as fun (if not MORE fun) than completing my own. I have been playing a lot of this solo so far because I do not at all enjoy trying to keep up with the person who is running through killing everything in one shot. (I hope the entire game isn't like that!!!)


If you are currently in a clan that you think I might enjoy please let me know - I would really appreciate it!





(As far as clan size, I figured some of the lower to mid size might have the more "community" style as opposed to "quantity" - so regardless of size let me know!)

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