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Zard's Slaughterhouse (Fanart And Contest Entries)


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So I thought that I wanted to start up a Fanart thread with whatever I cook up.


I will be uploading pictures, models and whatever I find myself doing regarding Warframe. I'll also be posting future contest entries if I decide to enter one of them.


Anyway, to kick it off I'll post a bit of a work in progress.


It was originally supposed to be in the weapon skin contest, but i misread the submission date (however that happened), that and it turned out more complex that i originally thought it out to be, but anyways, Gotten the base texture of the cross section in place and i will begin decorating it a bit more for it to not feel too plain.





I have also made a tumblr if anyone feel that would be more convinient.


I'll update this as i get new stuff to post.


Update: Updated Pictures with more progress on my Scindo/Zorens skin.

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