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Warframe Fusions (For Lack Of A Better Term)


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So the other day I was thinking about how new warframes are being placed behind grind walls because there is literally no room left in the solar map to hold them.  Some warframes have even been retired to clan research or worse, such as the case with Oberon being a random Eximus drop.  So how does DE solve this issue?


The concept is not a new one but I will detail it as best I can.  Basically you take two non-prime warframes and fuse (needs a new term) them into a new warframe.  This solves a few problems as 1) it makes non-prime frames sought after again, 2) it provides content for the quest system (you need to acquire the fusion blueprint), 3) it gives value to rare resources like Orokin Ciphers (could be required to craft the quest or fusion blueprint), 4) it avoids further dilution of the solar map's drop tables, and 5) it avoids grind walls.


So how does this fusion work?  Well, after you acquire the blueprint for the fused warframe you need a copy of each warframe that is required for the fusion, just like combining pistols into the Ak/Dex/etc. version.  These warframes can be either unranked or ranked.  A fusion requires a pair of specific warframes to craft.  So, for example, if a fusion blueprint requires Oberon and Nekros, only Oberon and Nerkos can be used to make the new, fused warframe (let's call it Seraph).  Excalibur et al. would be specific to a different fusion paring.  The only basic rule would be to have same gender frames combine, as to avoid the awkward idea of seeing what something like Rhino and Ember's progeny would look like.


In terms of the fused warframes theme or abilities, obviously it would draw from the catalyst/parent warframes.  As in the example of Seraph, the idea is to combine the light elements of Oberon with the dark elements from Nekros, thus creating an angelic (or demonic) themed warframe.  While there are near limitless possibilities for such combinations the idea is to make the fused frame unique, not just a copy of the previous two.


Any feedback or thoughts are welcome but I truly feel that this would expand Warframe's lore and crafting system without requiring a complete overhaul to the existing framework.

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Well, I will go out on a limb and actually support this idea.


Allows room for MORE frames, but it is too easy to acquire.

Say DE wants to issue a new frame: Optimus (because Optimus Prime yo)



- Excalibur

- Volt

- Rhino


So first you have to build the 3, that's the easy part.


Quest kicks in for specific blue-prints (just like M-rage).


Oh wait...waaaaait...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait...


DE won't run out of space because they have the quest system now.


Okay, my support is invalidated.

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Greetings mate.


I honestly wouldn`t mind this system being implemented,or something similar,mostly because,as you said,it would stop further dilution of the solar map drop tables.

However,this system seems to be a bit time consuming as well as pricey. You have to build two warframes which takes 12 hours for their components and then another three days to construct said warframes,the fusion process will require some time as well. Perhaps only warframe components could be utilized to make a hybrid? This would also substantialy lower the price,which is roughly 100,000 credits for one warframe(making it more accessible to people who don`t grind as much). I don`t mind the idea of using Orokin Ciphers as a resource for the fusion process though,as long as they don`t go overboard with the ammount required.

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This is definitely a sink of sorts but after acquiring 20 basic warframes it makes sense that the next iterations should be slightly more difficult to acquire.  To be fair, unlike Void grinding all of these missions/quests are acquired from the solar map so most of these blueprints are already in players' inventories.  Also, players should be planning ahead so while the veteran players may have to wait 12+72 hours before crafting these frames, they also probably have the platinum to speed up this process (the game is free-to-play so this allows DE to try and make some money).


By comparison it is no worse than having to quest and then wait 12 hours per Mirage part, before finally crafting her; or collecting Golem Nav Points or Beacons to craft a key, to have a chance at getting a part, which then requires 12 hours to build before being able to make the warframe in question.


Anyway, I think the idea has merit since once the Prime version of a frame is released there is really no reason to ever use the non-prime version, especially when the Prime version has additional bonuses.  This concept gives value to the non-prime frames and could even promote community as veteran players return to previous bosses to reacquire warframe blueprints.

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