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Two Ui Ideas.


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First of all, I for one am loving the new immersive UI, and these ideas are based on wanting a little more:


1) The Grineer Scanner.  Some hate it, some like it.  I see something that can be improved.  It's a space radio, let us interact with it and change the channels!  (Even turn it off if we want to). We could add the option to listen to Corpus communications, or even music!  Just let us tab through or select various musical tracks from in the game to have play over the radio in our ship!  Maybe even add an option to listen to the audio from Devstreams/Primetime or something, go nuts!


2)  Early on in "fix your ship" quest we have to get a communication relay/device to enable communication with Lotus, cool.  But then it turns out all we installed was the Marketplace UI, lame.  It's cool to have the interactive marketplace UI, but I'd also like to have a node on my ship to access my social menu/inbox.  You could make it the alcove directly across from the Grineer Scanner.


Obviously keeping in the options to access everything from the escape menu, but I'd like the option to have even more UI functions also accessible from walking around my ship. =D

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