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Vorkonic's Shop (Prime Bps+Parts | Mods | Kubrows)


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Prime BPs + Parts


Akbronco Prime BP + Link

Ankryos Prime BP + Gauntlet

Bo Prime Ornament (13)

Boar Prime BP + Receiver + Stock

Braton Prime BP + Stock

Bronco Prime Receiver

Burston Prime Barrel + Stock

Fang Blade

Latron Prime Set

Lex Prime BP + Barrel

Orthos Prime Handle

Paris Prime BP + Grip + Lower + String

Sicarus Prime BP + Barrel



Prime Warframes


Ember Prime Chassis + Helmet

Frost Prime Helmet + Systems

Loki Prime BP + Chassis



Warframe Mods


Vitality Rank 8

Redirection Rank 9+7

Serration Rank 8


Continuity (13)
Flow (8)

Intensify (5)

Natural Talent (3)

Rage (2)

Streamline (4)

Vigor (4)





Cleaving Whirlwind (2)

Coiling Viper (2)

Gleaming Talon (2)

Crimson Dervish (3)

Gemini Cross (5)

Gnashing Payara

Iron Phoenix (4)

Pointed Wind

Shimmering Blight (3)

Swirling Tiger (6)

Tranquil Cleave



Rifle Mods

Hell's Chamber (7)

Split Chamber (8)

Shred (7)

Thunderbolt (4)

Blaze (2)

Firestorm (2)

Tainted Shell

Sniper Ammo Mutation

Arrow Ammo Mutation



Pistol Mods


Hornet Strike Rank 7

Barrel Diffusion (7)

Pistol Ammo Mutation (4)

Steady Hands (4)

Seeker (3)


Kubrow Mods


Bite (4)




Type: Sunika

Build: Bulky

Fur Color: Green

Fur Pattern: Lotus (Black)
Eyes: Red


Type: Sahasa

Build: Athletic

Fur Color: (Black + Orange Combination)

Fur Pattern: Hound

Eyes: Red

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