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Perhaps this has already been suggested so for all you unofficial rule followers, give me a break and troll somewhere else.    




The hardest part of getting a scan, is scanning before someone else on your team kills it.  If it is not someone else on your team, your kubrow / sentinel seems to know what you are lacking in your codex and targets that unit first.  Even if you are using the Helios, it will kill the unit before scanning it.  While frustrating, I can live with it because it requires a mini-game in solo mode with a stealth like frame to complete these scans in a timely manner.  But now I ask, why? 




In 1 minute, I have access to every unit on the Wiki page without spending time trying to get a scan.  I go to Wiki and get all the bonus offered without any of the frustration.  Instead I propose DE provides 100-500 affinity to each completed codex entry (depending on rarity).  This is logical because higher mastery rank achieved (especially at low levels when leveling faster is beneficial), makes you stronger on battlefield (i.e. better weapons).  There are also a ton of unused ranks (current maximum mastery level is 17 but there are many more past this level).  The current reward of knowing their weakness and strengths and how it is written out is useless. 




Provide actual text that specifically states what the unit is weakest and strongest against after the codex is complete.  I know that information is there, but I've been playing around a year now and still do not know all the symbols for each elemental combination type.  Once again, I got this information from Wiki delivered in a logical manner (without the symbols). 




In general, grineer hate corrosive, corpus hate magnetic, and infested hate gas.  But it would be nice to have this spelled out for each unit.  Use XX to be most effective against this unit.  Using XX is not advised.  That would go a long way and offer a cool feature to the game that while it is implemented, I would argue that it is still one feature in alpha phase.

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