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Gate Crash And Ceres Shipyards


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ugh, I hate to post things here, hope they can get fixed though... Here is the issue ive been having Ceres Shipyards have always been buggy for me 5 minutes survival missions will always end with my client crashing dunno why, dunno how.Im over it though. Just avoiding ceres since, LIKE IT WAS RELEASED, lol. But Gate Crash had brought a bigger problem. My clan asks me to get 35, at least 35 points. It may not seem like a big number however i have a %100 tendency to crash when i go through portal. No matter what... I Always Crash! Its a miracle that i made it to 11. I just want to play the game without these problems occuring and me losing my loot. I would appreciate any help or attention brought to this topic.


Thank you.

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