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This Game Is Fun, So Why Is It Online Only?


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Title says the most of it, really.


I really, really enjoy playing this game, and being one who travels often, I find myself often frustrated with the fact that I HAVE to have a online connection to play. This game is not compatible with Steam's offline mode, which I use often in order to kill traveling time.


So, why not use a Cloud syncing technique or something to that effect in order to allow players that want to play offline keep their progress? I don't want to encourage cheating, but this is basically putting DRM over player fun and enjoyment. Especially people that like playing this game.


The fact that you have to have external hardware, or be in a certain area in order to get this game to even function has been one of my longstanding gripes with this game. I want to play this game and enjoy it whenever I want, and just have fun. Offline LAN would also be really, really nice, but I think this is a bit more important.







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It would basically mean than offline players could hack and crack anything they want, and let the servers believe they actually achieved that while offline. Furthermore, these:




Clans (including dojos, thus including research weapons)

And more

So, no. Sorry. Warframe isnt build for it.

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It won't happen, sorry.


Many things are affected server side, previous fixes to transmutation have shown that some mechanics in the game use server input.

Alerts, Invasions, Events will not work offline.


I think the biggest hurdle, which you identified, is hacking/cheating.

All of a sudden the game would be rife with people using memory hacks to get certain loot while in offline mode.


That, plus trade, equals abuse.

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Actually most everything in the game requires online connectivity. Your stats, weapons, random drops, etc are all via their servers. You have to log in to access your player data entirely, as it's not like having a savegame handy on your hard drive.


As also stated, way WAY too easy to hack an offline game. Doesn't matter what method you use, if a game can be disconnected from its servers entirely, it can then be modified without oversight before having it sync back to the cloud, or any oher method.

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