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Sell The Brakk


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It makes me smile to see people struggle getting Brakk. I got mine from Gravidus Dilemma, along with its own potato and slot.

I didn't mind Detron being re-released, but after seeing Brakk become obtainable again, it kinda bothered me.


Call me a #$&(%, I care not.

You #$&(%

I'll call you one, but I have no clue what it means or how to pronounce it.


...What's a #$&(%?

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I used all my year's worth of luck on Brakk. Got all the parts in just a few runs and I didn't know its value back then. So keep trying, I feel G3 shows up more often than Stalker

I feel the opposite... Stalker has literally showed up for me three times in the space of twenty missions before. G3 has only showed up for me on the flipside twice in three weeks. The first time during an event with randoms whom all got owned, the second time they did i was running with just me and a brand new player whilst i was leveling a low level frame and weapons for mastery purposes and got owned even worse. Doesnt help that i have to remove the damned gustav bolt as an annoying reminder at just how opportunist G3 can be with their appearances haha.

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